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We've had great fun this week, even starting our new dance! (26th - 30th April 2021)

Welcome Back to the Spring Term 2021!

This is quite a different term than we expected, Home Learning isn’t ideal but we are making the most of it. At least three activities a day are available through your child’s Google Classroom account, these lessons follow out regular Nursery curriculum as close as we are able. We support children in developing all areas of their knowledge including Maths, Literacy, Phonics, Creative Arts and Understanding the World. Our main goal for this term is to encourage all children to become more independent in their personal skills for example putting on and zipping up their own coat, toileting without adult support and taking their own shoes on and off (at this stage we don’t expect laces to be tied).


Mental Health

This is a strange time for all involved. This is not the way children should be learning therefore we understand it is not easy to complete the work. The most important factor is the children’s (and the families) wellbeing. We expect that you will prioritise your child’s wellbeing before completing work on Google Classroom. During our weekly phone calls home please inform of us of any difficulties you are experiencing, we may be able to signpost you to resources that can be supportive or informative at this time.



Much of the learning we complete each week is based around a book, this term our theme is ‘Bears’ so we will investigate lots of stories about bears. At the beginning of the week we will introduce a new story and then partake in different activities surrounding this story so that by the end of the week children are able to retell parts of the story and answer simple questions about the story.



In Nursery we focus on numbers 1-5. We investigate everything possible about each number, we can sometimes spend a couple of weeks on one number and may revisit the same numbers again in the future. We do this to consolidate children’s knowledge so they don’t just know a number but they understand what it means. This is an important building block for their future learning. We will also look at shapes and patterns, we expect children will be able to name basic 2D shapes and complete simple patterns.



Phonics is an important part of children’s learning we begin in Nursery using our ‘listening ears’ to identify sounds in the environment. We do this so children understand what sounds they are hearing this will help them identify phonetic sounds in words when they are ready to do so. We will be introducing the concept of rhyming word this term; you can support this at home by singing nursery rhymes together and highlighting rhyming words in stories.  Some children in this term may begin to hear initial sounds in familiar words such as ‘w’ for water or the initial letter of their name.


Physical Development

At this strange time, exercise and movement are even more important than ever, with being stuck inside we need to plan our exercise for both our mental and physical wellbeing. On Google Classroom we will upload at least two physical activities each week, this could be a themed yoga or a sports challenge. We hope that you can find time each day to be active, this could be going a short walk each day just to get some fresh air.



We encourage children to be as creative as possible in all forms of the arts. Children should investigate colour and shape through their drawing and designing, investigating what happens when colours are mixed is a wonderful experiment. Music is an important part of children’s education, as you may notice when they come home singing songs, we use lots of different songs to help with remembering learning. We will share these songs with you as we learn through Google Classroom and you may find yourselves singing along with songs after not very many listens! We also encourage children to make their own music with instruments or noisemakers as well as dancing and moving along to the songs they hear.


Understanding the World

The world is a very interesting place and at this age, children are infinitely inquisitive. They are always asking questions and discovering amazement in what we find regular. In response to this, we are happy to adapt our learning to investigate what the children are currently fascinated with. For example, when it snows we fully encourage children to go out and play to discover what snow is really like and how it behaves. In this vein, we hope that you can follow your children’s interests and build their knowledge of the world around them. This could be cooking/baking or simply going for a walk and talking about the nature around you.


Parents as Partners

From birth, children are continually learning. They develop and learn in a variety of ways and you as parents are their first and most enduring educators. Close working between teachers and parents is therefore vital for the identification of a child’s learning needs. So that we can plan the most effective and meaningful activities for your child, it would be most helpful if you could share your child’s experiences out of school with us. This could be anything from a special trip out or dancing in a show, to baking a cake or going to swimming lessons! We highly value your opinions and input and it would help us greatly if you could write down any experiences your child has enjoyed away from school. We are sure this will have a positive impact on the experiences we provide within the school setting. We look forward to hearing all about the hobbies, interests, experiences and achievements that you share outside school.


We hope you find this information useful. If you have any queries, please contact us through Google Classroom or call the school.


Warm regards,

The Holly Nursery Team.

This week ended with an amazing Christmas Jumper Day! (7th-11th December)

We themed our week around The Snowman! (30th November-4th December)

On Thursday, we had a Bonfire Night themed Outdoor Classroom Day, we thoroughly enjoyed it! (2nd November-6th November 2020)

Our Friday Afternoon Crew going on a yoga Bear Hunt!

We are investigating Autumn! There are conkers, acorns, leaves changing colour and so much more!


Hi all.

You have all been signed up to a Wellbeing challenge! It will not only help to support mental health, but you have the option of entering a competition to win yourself a prize! Good luck :) (See attached PDF file)

Also, our PSHE scheme 1Decision are now providing home-learning resources. I would highly recommend signing up for these.


Stay safe. Thinking of you all. 

Best wishes.

Mrs Faragher (PSHE coordinator)

Welcome to Holly Nursery!


Welcome back! We hope you and your families are all staying safe and keeping well. 


Useful websites you might like to try.


We hope you find this information useful. If you have any queries, please come and see us.


Best Wishes from the Nursery team



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