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Hi all.

You have all been signed up to a Wellbeing challenge! It will not only help to support mental health, but you have the option of entering a competition to win yourself a prize! Good luck :) (See attached PDF file)

Also, our PSHE scheme 1Decision are now providing home-learning resources. I would highly recommend signing up for these.


Stay safe. Thinking of you all. 

Best wishes.

Mrs Faragher (PSHE coordinator)

Nursery - Find your home learning tasks in the link below:

Welcome to Holly Nursery!


Welcome back to a most unusual Summer Term.  Mrs Laidler, Mrs Maynard, Mrs Parry and Miss Shields hope you and your families are all staying safe and keeping well and are looking forward to us all being back together again (hopefully  sometime this term). I'm sure you will be busy doing lots of exciting things together at home and I appreciate that you are keen to ensure your children continue their development. If you follow the link at the top of this page it will take you to some daily phonic and maths activities for parents and children to do together.  I have also included a weekly recipe for you to have a go at!  I highly recommend making some playdough (the recipe is on the home learning page) as this is a popular resource in the nursery.  There are loads of ideas for things you can do with playdough online.


Try doing some kind of mark-making activity every day e.g. drawing in sand/mud with a stick, painting with water on the flagstones, drawing in sprinkled flour with your finger, using a variety of pens, pencils, crayons etc to write and make pictures;  maybe drawing  family, shapes, favourite toys or even drawing pictures to illustrate the stories you read each day.  Encourage your child to have a go at writing some of the letters in their name and use the number formation rhymes in week 1 to practice writing numbers.   


Don’t worry if you don’t manage to do all the activities because anything you do together with your child at this age is a valuable learning experience. 


Special moment books

Children should continue to add to their Special moments scrapbooks at home so when we all get back together again they'll have lots of exciting things to share with their friends in Holly. These books are personal to each of our children and are designed to give plenty of opportunities to celebrate all of the wonderful things they have done at home. They include anything special that has been achieved or done at home. We  love looking at the leaflets, tickets and photographs.


Places available

We are taking new admissions for September now and offer a number of options for sessions.  We offer free 15 hours Nursery provision from children’s third birthday and 30 hour provision to eligible families. 15 hour options available are 5 mornings or 5 afternoons or 2 and half days (Mon and Tuesday all day including lunch + Wednesday morning).  


Useful websites you might like to try.


We hope you find this information useful. If you have any queries, please come and see us.


Warm regards


Mrs Laidler and the Nursery team



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