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Holly Nursery

June Fun and Visits from Firefighters

Autumn Term In Holly Nursery

Firstly we'd like to welcome back all our fabulous little ones who are continuing their journey with us this year in Holly Nursery, we're really looking forward to seeing you all. We'd also like to send out a huge welcome to our new little explorers and their families who are joining us this term. 


We have a fabulous team in Holly Nursery consisting of two teachers; Mrs.Jones and Mrs.Faragher, and our brilliant teaching assisstant Mrs.Yanez. We're very lucky during our lunchtimes as another two lovely teaching assistants join us too; Mrs.Bond and Mrs.Parry. 


On this web page you find lots of information about our daily routines and details about the exciting learning that will be taking place in our enhanced environment, both indoors and outdoors.


Autumn Term in Holly Nursery.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

This involves helping build children's confidence in their own abilities and encouraging them to develop healthy relationships with others.  Showing them how to manage their feelings, develop their social skills and respond to rules are an important step in helping them to do this independently.

Themes- 'Ourselves', 'Colour' and 'Autumn'.  Throughout these themes we will be introducing our rules and routines. We will support and encourage independence throughout the setting. Modelling sharing, turn taking, respect for others and cooperative play. We will provide opportunities for the children to talk about themselves, their families and home.


Communication and Language

It is vital that children are given time to have their own conversations and build up a wide vocabulary of words.  By showing children how to talk and develop their listening skills they are helped in every other area of the curriculum.

We will share stories on home/families along with children’s favourite stories and rhymes. Using the 'All About Me' booklets as a guide.  The children will be introduced to the skills required for good listening and those required for paying attention too. As in every term, we will provide plenty of opportunities for children to share thoughts, ideas and news daily. These will be explored throughout our key worker groups and activities (more information about these to follow).


Physical Development

This involves encouraging children to develop their gross motor skills and in turn their co-ordination and movement on different apparatus as well as improving their fine motor skills through using tools (such as pencils) for writing. 

We will spend a lot of time reinforcing personal hygiene routines including hand washing following outdoor play and before snack. Support children in managing clothing and fastenings including coats, pumps, wellingtons and aprons. Introduce children to outdoor climbing equipment and support them when using new equipment. Model giving meaning to marks made, proving multisensory mark making and writing opportunities. Introduce children to the hall and begin weekly PE sessions, both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting. Introduce and model the safe use of one handed tools and equipment.  Introduce weekly fine motor activities, these are always lots of fun!



This involves giving children rich opportunities to talk and listen in a wide range of contexts.  This helps them become familiar with books and stories and of understanding what words are. Illustrating that words have meaning and how to describe, in more detail, what the pictures are about.
We follow a scheme called "Letters and Sounds", supporting children to develop the skills to listen to sounds around them, copy and repeat a rhythm, hear and identify words that rhyme, and hear sounds at the beginning of words.

There will be lots of opportunities to share the children’s favourite books 1-1, in small and larger groups. Share stories related to our themes and information books too. Provide and model opportunities for writing.  Develop, introduce and model to the children how to make the most of our new reading areas.



This involves helping children understand the value of numbers by giving them various counting and problem solving activities.  Children are encouraged to build and describe shapes as well as objects to improve their mathematical vocabulary.

We will explore basic counting skills using 1-1 correspondence, counting the children each day as they arrive, lots of number songs and rhymes. Sort, count and compare objects by colour, size, shape. Introduce and model language relating to shape, space and measure.


Understanding the World

This involves giving children access to a variety of people, places and experiences so they can understand their physical world and their community.  By giving them access to independently explore aspects of their environment and changes over time they gain a greater understanding.

We will share and build upon prior knowledge relating to autumn. Discuss and investigate features and changes to the environment. Go on an autumn walk to look for signs of autumn. Find out about animals related to autumn.  Provide opportunities for children to share their experiences at home relating autumn; going on walks to the park etc.


Expressive Art and Design

Children are given opportunities to create with a variety of materials, use and select their own tools to allow them to do so.  They are encouraged to discuss their work and share their ideas through role play, design and technology, art, music and dance.

We will explore colour through mixing, and various textures when looking at leaves and objects. Explore musical instruments and sounds outdoors.


Key Person Groups

Statutory guidance from the government states that each child must be assigned a key person. The key person ensures that that the child’s learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs. This is the person who you can talk to if you need to pass on a message, ask questions or raise any concerns. They will be responsible for your child whilst at nursery, helping them to understand and take part in the activities on offer. You will be informed of your child's key person after the intial 2 week settling in sessions. However, as we work very much as a team, you are able to discuss anything relating to your child with any member of our team.


Parents as Partners

From birth, children are continually learning. They develop and learn in a variety of ways and you as parents are their first and most enduring educators. Close working between teachers and parents is therefore vital to help your child settle in and progress within the school. So that we can plan the most effective and meaningful activities for your child, it would be helpful if you could share your child’s experiences out of school with us. This could be anything from a special trip out or dancing in a show, to baking a cake or going to swimming lessons! We highly value your opinions and input and it would help us greatly if you could write down any experiences your child has enjoyed away from school. We are sure this will have a positive impact on the experiences we provide within the school setting. There are two ways to do this. The WOW!  forms are there for you to tell us about any ‘wow’ moments seen at home and the Special Moment Books can be used to write notes, put in children’s art work or add photographs of special events or outings. These will be shared during key worker groups. We look forward to hearing all about the hobbies, interests, experiences and achievements that you share outside school.


We hope you find this information useful. If you have any queries, please catch us on the door and we can arrange a time to discuss your questions. Alternatively you can email the school office or leave us a message will our admin team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Warm regards,

The Holly Nursery Team.


Hi all.

You have all been signed up to a Wellbeing challenge! It will not only help to support mental health, but you have the option of entering a competition to win yourself a prize! Good luck :) (See attached PDF file)

Also, our PSHE scheme 1Decision are now providing home-learning resources. I would highly recommend signing up for these.


Stay safe. Thinking of you all. 

Best wishes.

Mrs Faragher (PSHE coordinator)

Welcome to Holly Nursery!


Welcome back! We hope you and your families are all staying safe and keeping well. 


Useful websites you might like to try.


We hope you find this information useful. If you have any queries, please come and see us.


Best Wishes from the Nursery team



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