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Lydiate Primary and Nursery School home page

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Year 1 - Maple

Spring Term 2 2024


Welcome back, everyone! We hope you have had a wonderful half term holiday and are excited to continue our learning in the Spring Term 2. We have a very exciting half term ahead of us! We will be continuing to work through our curriculum as we get ready for Easter.


Here's a little look at what we are learning about over the next few weeks of the school year.



We have started a new story in our English lessons called The Queen's Knickers. We will be starting this unit by reading through our story and developing our comprehension skills.Then, we will start to explore the story further and produce some pieces of writing around it, whilst developing and continuing to improve our reading skills. Phonics is being taught daily to ensure the children are growing in confidence and fluency when reading.



In our Maths lessons, we are going to measurement (length and mass/weight). The children will be learning to describe lengths and heights and mass/weight using terminology like long/short, heavy/light. After that, we will be developing our adding and subtracting within 20 skills. Then, we will further develop our understanding of fractions and time, using our knowledge of halves to help us tell o'clock and half past times.



Our topic for our Science this half term is Materials. Throughout this topic we are going to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made, identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock, describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials and compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their simple physical properties.



Our new unit is all about Bee-Bots. We are excited for the children to develop their understanding of algorithms and programming. 



In our Art lessons, we will be exploring and creating a range of different landscapes. The children will be using their cutting, drawing and painting skills to enable to create wonderful pieces of art in their sketchbooks.



For our History unit, we will be learning about the Greatest Explorers. The children will be researching a variety of different explorers, discovering their achievements and what makes them an important part of History.



The children are very excited to be starting our performing topic. The children will be learning to play the Ukulele and Djembe Drums. We are very excited to show you our performance in our class assembly at the end of this half term.



This term we are very lucky to be starting our dance unit with Mr Glenn. The children will be developing their range of movements and ability to move in time with a piece of music. Our routine will also form part of our class assembly. Mrs Londesborough will be teaching the children about games which require understanding. We will be developing our teamwork and tactical abilities.



Our unit is 'What does it mean to belong to a faith family?' We aim to talk about what is special and of value about belonging to a group that is important to them. We want to show an awareness that some people belong to different religions.



In our PSHE unit, we are going to be exploring how we can be responsible. We will pay close attention to effective ways to deal with water spillages. Our aim is to ensure all children understand the foundations responsibilities and how these form the foundations of growing up and maturing.


We are very excited to get started. Please keep an eye on our school X page for more updates of our amazing learning.


Mr Hannaford, Miss Ludlow and Mrs Parry