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Reception New Parents


Welcome to the area of our website dedicated to our new Reception parents. We hope you will find everything you need here, and will also keep adding to this page with useful information.

Best wishes from The Reception Team!

See below for a link to our google drive. Here you will find a Welcome Video from each of our Reception teachers and a powerpoint presented by our Reception teachers. To hear the presentation, please right click and download the file, then open it on your computer.


You can also email any questions to

Here is our New Reception Parents' Handbook.

One of our most frequently asked questions is about uniform. You can find details of our uniform suppliers and policy on our Uniform page. See below for a quick link to this page.

Please note that Reception children wear a polo shirt. When the children start in Year 1, they will wear a shirt and tie. Remember also that they will need a pair of named wellington boots to be kept in school for outdoor activities when the grass is muddy.


Please note that the boys' toilet includes a urinal. If your child has not used one of these before, it may be worth introducing this before September.
This is a really useful checklist of activities your child should ideally be able to do before starting Reception.
Here is a booklet of activities you could download for you and your child to complete together. You could either draw or stick on pictures in the blank spaces. Bring it back to us when your child starts school - we would love to see it!
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