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Clubs/Extra-Curricular Activities

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Please find below the timetable of clubs for the present term. 
Our after-school clubs are extremely well-attended, and are lots of fun! See below for a selection of photos from clubs we have provided over the past year.

Netball Team

Netball Team 1 Lydiate A - Champions
Netball Team 2 Gold and Bronze Medalists

Year 5/6 Multisports

Year 5/6 Multisports 1 Disc Golf
Year 5/6 Multisports 2 Disc Golf
Year 5/6 Multisports 3 Disc Golf
Year 5/6 Multisports 4 Disc Golf

Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club 1 We have been giving the birds fresh water
Wildlife Club 2 We made bird feeders out of recycled milk cartons
Wildlife Club 3
Wildlife Club 4
Wildlife Club 5
Wildlife Club 6 Still Feeding The Bird!
Wildlife Club 7 Still Feeding The Bird!


Badminton 1
Badminton 2
Badminton 3
Badminton 4
Badminton 5

Easter Egg Club

Easter Egg Club 1
Easter Egg Club 2
Easter Egg Club 3
Easter Egg Club 4
Easter Egg Club 5
Easter Egg Club 6

Knitting Club

Knitting Club 1
Knitting Club 2
Knitting Club 3
Knitting Club 4
Knitting Club 5
Knitting Club 6
Knitting Club 7
Knitting Club 8

Mrs Hassett's Craft Club

Mrs Hassett's Craft Club 1
Mrs Hassett's Craft Club 2
Mrs Hassett's Craft Club 3
Mrs Hassett's Craft Club 4
Mrs Hassett's Craft Club 5
Mrs Hassett's Craft Club 6
Mrs Hassett's Craft Club 7

Reading Club

Reading Club 1
Reading Club 2
Reading Club 3
Reading Club 4
Reading Club 5
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