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Year 5 Sycamore

Spring Term 1 - 2024

We have some really exciting areas of learning to delve into this term!



We continue to study 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo and are thoroughly absorbed in this novel. We are studying aspects of grammar, punctuation, story writing and editing skills. We are also building on our vocabulary by identifying and using a range of words, both orally and in our writing. We will be moving on to learn the poem 'The Spider and the Fly', and use this as a springboard for discussing poetry and information writing.



We are continuing to practise Arithmetic skills and rehearsing aspects of Maths that we have covered so far in our Morning Maths sessions. This helps us to perform operations quickly and to hold on to our learning.

We are learning about a range of topics in Maths this half term, including negative numbers, addition, subtraction, measures, co-ordinates and calculating angles. We continue to develop our skills in applying our Maths to different problems and reasoning about number.



In Science we are studying forces: gravity, friction, air and water resistance. We also examine levers, pulleys and gears. This unit of work continues to be investigation-based and allows the children to conduct their own scientific tests.



In our Geography lessons this term, we are studying an Alpine region. We discover where the Alps are and how fold mountains are formed, as well as learning about the climate, houses and tourism.




This half term we focus on listening and appraising. We listen to a variety of music from films and musicals, and have a go at our own compositions inspired by musicals and films.



The focus this term is on the weather. We learn how to describe the weather in French.



Banksy is the focus of our Art work this term. We analyse and evaluate the work of this artist, before creating symmetrical, abstract art forms.




We learn about the Mars Rover in our Computing sessions this term, including how binary code works, inputs, outputs, RAM and bit patterns.



Our two topics for P.E. this half term are Tag Rugby with and Gymnastics, where we use counter-balance and tension in our performances and routines.



In this half term, we look at Humanism, discovering the beliefs and codes that Humanists live by and comparing them to Christian beliefs and moral codes.



We love exploring the units on 1Decision. They are giving the children a good insight into the world and offering advice on how to conduct themselves as good and honest citizens, whilst keeping themselves safe at all times. We are exploring our school values this half term.


Thank you for your continued support,


Mrs Laycock & Mrs Londesborough.

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