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Lydiate Primary and Nursery School home page

Lydiate Primary and Nursery School

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Photo Gallery

Thank you to all the Sycamore parents /grandparents who joined us for a read!

Reading with our Parents in Birch Class

World Book Day fun in Sycamore.

Birch Found Out Their Birth Value. What Is Yours?

Birch Created Their Own Division Problems and Solved Them With a Written Method

Birch Designed an Anglo-Saxon Home

Sycamore are Budding Scientists Separating Materials!

Sycamore became archeologists for the day!

Sycamore's Roman Numeral Challenge

Exploding Books from Oak!

Exploding Books... These weren't tricky at all!!!!

Still image for this video

Birch Became Budding Archaeologists

Learning in Maghull High School

New residence, new classmates - same Sycamore fun on our first two days!

You can take the children out of Lydiate. But you can't take Lydiate out of the children!

What happens when you mix Diet Coke and Mentos?

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We discovered that certain materials react when you mix them together. We investigated what Diet Coke and Mentos would do. It got a bit messy!

Some Mixtures and Solutions separated for us, others reacted!

Which materials dissolved, reacted and floated? Birch know!

Loving our Light Lesson in Sycamore!

KS2 Mandarin Day


Birch Class made periscopes!

Birch Class - Creating a balanced argument

Sycamore maths/art lesson!

Oak Class Music

Sycamore team work activity


Maths - Place Value

English - Characterisation

Geography - Exploring Japan

Science - Exploring How Light Travels


Sycamore wrote their own play script yesterday and had a go at performing them today. We had good fun! :)

Birch's Flower Hunt

Estimating and Calculating

Cliff hanger spotting in Sycamore

Designing and Creating Spy Gadgets