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Year 5/6 - Sycamore and Oak

Spring Term 2021


Welcome back everyone! We hope you're enjoying working remotely on Google Classroom! 



In English, Sycamore and Oak class will be reading Stormbreaker.   This unit of work will help bridge the gap between lesson objectives missed during the lock-down period and this terms work. The main focus this term will be on Grammar and punctuation and building up comprehension skills.




We will continue to be working on our basic maths arithmetic skills. We will be encouraging the children to give reasons for their thinking and explain any mathematical concepts they have used. Through this, we hope the children will grasp the mastery elements of what we have been learning about. This term we will continue to do a lot of recapping and making sure their fluency skills are embedded.



Throughout this term we will be continuing with our topic on Earth and Space and then moving onto Animals including humans. These units allows the children the chance to promote their scientific curiosity and understanding.



We will be continuing with our topic about World War I and II and looking at how things have changed since WWII.



In Geography, we will be exploring St Lucia, looking at its climate, population and landscape and comparing that to our own locality.



In Music, we will be using Oak National Academy to explore pulse and rhythm.  



Art / D.T.

In art we will be looking at the different techniques we can use to create different effects whilst focusing on Flander's Field.  




In P.E. we want you to all get active by following the daily links provided by Google Classroom.  This will help everyone with their Mental Health, so come on parents you can join in too! 



We love exploring the units on 1Decision. They are giving the children a good insight into the world and offering advice on how to conduct themselves as good and honest citizens, whilst keeping themselves safe at all times. Our social media unit was particularly effective. We are excited to continue learning about citizenship. 


Thank you for your continued support,


Mr Zaim, Mrs Foulkes and Mrs Bowen

Stars of the Week!

Enhancing our writing through drama

Comic Relief Day 2021

What rain? Sycamore class had great fun today during our 'Outdoor Day' and wrote some brilliant poems.

Exploring 'forces' by making catapults. Sycamore class loved making catapults and testing how much force was needed to knock down a wall of bricks!

Black History Month - We've completed our work based on 'Black History' and we're very proud of the work that we produced based upon our research. Have a look at some of the work that we have on display in the school.

Run, run as fast as you can! We've had great fun this term learning skills to help us run faster. To finish the term we all competed in races to find out the fastest boy and girl but we also looked at who had improved their running skills and whose perseverance has seen them run more efficiently. Sadly only some children won the medals but we were all winners on the day!

Happy Yellow Day! Sycamore class looked at how the colour yellow can help when we're feeling anxious or upset. We found looking at a picture of the sun transported us to another country where we felt warm, calm, relaxed and even a little tired! Therefore, we drew sunflowers based on Van Gogh's famous painting to help us on the days when we're not feeling too happy!

Cube incvestigation!

Learning about Isaac Newton's 3rd Law by making water rockets. You can see the fun we had!

Sycamore Class have been learning about 'Significant Black People' during our Black History Month. Look at what they found out about Garrett Morgan!

Sycamore Class share War Memorabilia

Air resistance - Science

Gyrocopter time!

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Oak and Sycamore gallery

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