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Year 1/2 - Rowan, Cedar and Maple

Autumn Term 2019


We are immersing ourselves in The Great Fire of London this term, and many of our topic and English work will be taught through our learning of this fascinating historical event.


In our English lessons, we kick off with a unit of work based on an animated story- The Girl with the Yellow Bag- where imaginations can run wild! Into the bag go ordinary items, but out of the bag come the most extraordinary things! We then continue with a super fictional story based on The Great Fire of London, where we find out what might have happened from the point of view of the boy whose unfortunate father forgot to douse the ovens in Pudding Lane! Luckily, the baker's boy saves the day and more than makes up for his father's mistake!


In our Maths lessons we begin with focusing on place value. We concentrate on partitioning numbers into tens and ones; Year One mainly partition numbers to 20 and Year 2 mainly to 100. We focus on beginning with concrete apparatus to represent numbers, then move to drawing these pictorially before working with numbers alone. We also begin to add and subtract using different strategies, and we focus on solving problems and applying our knowledge.


Our Art work links closely to our History topic by focusing on fire. We designed and drew Tudor houses and are now using a variety of media, including paint, to explore colour and represent flames. P.E. also links to this topic, as we explore dance movements relating to fire and put together a class dance. 


Our ICT work focuses on e-safety. We learn how to stay safe online, then present this information digitally by creating, saving and retrieving posters.The children are continuing to enjoying Music through our excellent scheme, Charanga. In R.E. we explore Buddism, while in PSHE we focus on managing risk and keeping ourselves safe.


As always, if you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact us - we see our relationships with parents as a partnership. After all, we all want the best for your children.


Mr Leach, Mrs Laycock, Miss Arndt & Mrs Foulkes.





Year 1&2 at work and play!

Year 1&2 at work and play! 1
Year 1&2 at work and play! 2
Year 1&2 at work and play! 3
Year 1&2 at work and play! 4
Year 1&2 at work and play! 5
Year 1&2 at work and play! 6
Year 1&2 at work and play! 7
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