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Year 1/2 - Rowan, Cedar and Maple

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We hope you all had a lovely Easter break. We now enter a very important term as all of our pupils will undertake national tests. The Year 2's will be doing their SATs tests during the month of May, while the Year 1's will be doing a phonics screening test during June.


Summer Term 2019


Year 1 and 2 reading is developing well but we will continue this term to develop fluency, expression and their comprehension. We teach this through targeted questions based on VIPERS! This stands for Vocabulary - helping them to learn, use and work out the meanings of new words, Infer - asking children to explain what is meant by words and events in the texts, Predict - guessing what will happen based on what has already happened, Explain - e.g. describing how characters are feeling and why, and Retrieve - finding key words and information. We would welcome your support in asking these types of questions at home. 


In Writing, we will be developing our non-fiction writing through letters and non-chronological reports using high quality texts to support. Also the children are being encouraged to write in more detail and at greater length. Attention will still be focused on key grammatical aspects such as capital letters, full stops, commas, exclamation marks and question marks.


In our Maths lessons we will be reinforcing key mathematical concepts and developing further fluency with place value and number patterns. Counting, in steps of different numbers, becomes increasingly important in Year 1 and, in Year 2, we expect the children to practise their two, three, five and ten times tables, learning them by heart by the end of the Summer term. This will also support them in their addition and subtraction work. The depth of learning in Maths becomes more prevalent through deeper understanding of mathematical operations. 


Our Art work focuses on observational drawings around the environment! This links to our Science topic which focuses on Habitats. Our humanities studies are linked this term through Geography and History, where we will be focusing on canals, we are looking forward to our trip to the Leeds-Liverpool canal where we will link our Science, Geography, History and Art topics together. The children are really enjoying Music through our excellent scheme, Charanga.


Our ICT work will see us programming and continuing to use code. More details to follow ... In P.E. we are having dance lessons and developing ball skills specifically focusing on hands and feet which will lead into team games and athletics events as the children grow older.  We are really looking forward to the competitive element of our sports day where the children will show off their talent to the best of their ability.


As always, if you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact us - we see our relationships with parents as a partnership. After all, we all want the best for your children.


Mr Leach, Mrs Laycock, Miss Arndt & Mrs Foulkes.





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