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Rowan Gallery

World Book Day!

World Book Day - Measuring our Books!

Maths problem solving!

Reading with our parents!

Measuring in CM and M!

Division on the computers!

Rowan Class Theatre!

Maths - Division!

English - Reading our dragon poems!

Maths - Multiplication Arrays!

Maths - Making our own 3D Shapes!

English - Creating our own dragons!

English - Finding dragon eggs in the classroom!

Maths - Using Balance scales!

Maths - Place Value with 10ps, 1ps and Base 10!

Maths - + and - Code Breaker!

Children in Need - Rowan & Oak class reading together!

English - More gold star writing!

Maths - Practical activities

English - Baker Boys and the Great Fire of London drama performance!

Maths - Place Value using Base 10!

English - Common Exception Word hunt!

English - Gold Star writing!

History - 1666 vs 2019

English - Speaking and listening games

Maths - Numicon number bonds!

Maths - One more and one less 'Zap it' game!

Science - Materials Hunt!

Stay and Learn with our parents!

Rowan Class Assembly - Love

Science - Micro Habitats (Warm)

Science - Micro Habitats (Wet)

Maths - Making 3D Shapes

Science - Habitats

Maths - Measuring in ml

Class read - FING by David Walliams

English - Letter writing

Maths - Division by grouping

Maths - Division by sharing

Rowan class visiting the chicks!

Maths - Number spellings!

Maths - Easter Egg Time Hunt!

English - Tabby McTat Quiz!

P.E - Gymnastics

Maths - Time!

English - Tabby McTat role play performance!

Spelling list for the next 3 weeks!

English - King's Underpants story writing!

Maths - Fractions on Purple Mash!

Red Nose Day 2019!

Maths - Addition and subtraction quiz/hunt!

Science - Finding out the different ways animals have their babies!

Maths - + and - using resources to help us!

World Book Week - Reading with our family!

World Book Week - Rowan and Sycamore

Maths - Measuring using Trundle Wheels.

World Book Day 2019!

Real History - Florence Nightingale

History - Thank you card for nurses! (Florence Nightingale)

Maths - Shape Hunt

English - Simon Sock Story Sequence!

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