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Reception - Willow and Acorn

Welcome to Acorn Class


Miss Dower is the class teacher and we have two teaching assistants Mrs Pritchard and Miss Shields.

On this web page we will be putting lots of information about all the exciting things we will be doing in our class throughout the year.



We are happy to welcome all of our children back into school for the Summer term. This term we have lots of exciting learning opportunities to look forward to. We start the term with a focus on life and growth we will learn all about the life cycles of humans, animals and plants. We are very excited as we have just had a special delivery of 8 eggs. We will be looking after the eggs and watching to see what happens when they hatch. 


As we progress into our final term in school we will embark on a 'people who help us' topic. We will learn all about the special people in our community that help us. We will learn and discuss the different ways in  which we can help others and we will begin to think about the jobs we may like to do when we are older. We will look forward to some very special visitors who will help to develop and extend our learning. 



In maths we will be been looking at one more and one less. We will begin to estimate the amounts of objects we see and check by counting. We will develop our use of number and begin to explore simple addition and subtraction in practical ways. We are also on the look out for lots of 2D and 3D shapes that are all around us in our environment.


We will be focusing on our super writing. We will write about lots of our own experiences and rewrite stories in our own words. We are working hard to do lots of independent writing using our phonics to help us write the words we would like to write.



Useful information:

Our school day begins at 8.55am each morning. The lower school playground doors are open from 8.45am until 8.55am. When the door is open children can walk into school, hang up their own belongings and enter their classroom.


Our day finishes at 3.30pm and the Reception children will leave through foundation stage garden.

Your child will need to have a book bag and this needs to be brought into school each day.

Each day the children will have a snack and the weekly charge for this is 50p. We ask that this is paid to a member of the Reception staff each Monday morning.


We do P.E. on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon and we ask that the children have a labelled P.E. kit that is left in school. Our P.E. kit consists of a pair of maroon shorts, a white t-shirt with the school logo and black pumps. Please ensure that this is in a named draw string bag.



When we feel your child is ready they will bring home a reading book. Initially children they will bring home a book with no words and we ask that you send time with your children discussing what they can see and what they think might be happening. When you child is ready they will bring home books with words. The children will need to be encouraged to sound out and blend the words in order to help them read the text.

When your child has finished reading with you please make a short comment in their Reading Record book and then we know that they have read.



Each morning the children complete a phonics session where they learn sounds and how to use them in their reading and in their writing. Each week the children will bring home a phonic book. Phonic books will contain letters and sounds that the children will focus on learning that week. Children will use their phonic books to practice these letters and sounds with you at home. Please work through these sounds with your child to help consolidate their learning.


Special moment books

Each child has a Special moment’s book. These books are personal to each of our children and are designed to give plenty of opportunities to celebrate all of the wonderful things they have done at home. Use your book as often as you feel. You can fill your books with anything special you have achieved or done at home. We would love you add any related photographs too. Special moment books will be shared once a week in small groups.


Parents as Partners

From birth, children are continually learning. They develop and learn in a variety of ways and you as parents are their first and most enduring educators. Close working between teachers and parents is therefore vital for the identification of a child’s learning needs. So that we can plan the most effective and meaningful activities for your child, it would be most helpful if you could share your child’s experiences out of school with us. This could be anything from a special trip out or dancing in a show, to baking a cake or going to swimming lessons! We highly value your opinions and input and it would help us greatly if you could write down any experiences your child has enjoyed away from school. We are sure this will have a positive impact on the experiences we provide within the school setting. You can record these experiences in your child’s Special Moments book - please feel free to write about any learning experiences or special activities undertaken at home. We look forward to hearing all about the hobbies, interests, experiences and achievements that you share outside school.




We hope you find this information useful. If you have any queries, please come and see us.


Warm regards


The Reception team

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