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Lydiate Primary School


Primary School

Vision & Values

Our Values

As a school committed to getting the very best for our children come true, we believe in:

  1. excellence in learning and teaching of a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, underpinned by the development of basic skills within a vibrant, challenging and interactive environment.
  2. a warm, welcoming, inclusive atmosphere, full of opportunities, both during lessons and through a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  3. the potential of ICT and Music to enhance and extend learning and teaching across the whole curriculum where appropriate.
  4. nurturing and valuing each individual’s talents, abilities, learning styles, strengths and qualities, based on high, but achievable expectations.
  5. encouraging everyone to believe in themselves, build self-esteem and allow time for reflection on personal and academic development.
  6. encouraging values of love, empathy, respect, tenderness and forgiveness and also respecting the right to hold other beliefs and ways of life.
  7. creating a safe, secure and calm learning environment in which all strive to achieve their full potential, whilst also feeling confident that they can learn from their mistakes.
  8. developing a consultative partnership between children, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, governors and the wider community, based on mutual respect and regular communication.

Characteristics Of Our School

By staying faithful to our values we believe we are creating a school where:

  • a children feel valued, unique and precious as children of Lydiate Primary School and have a concern for the world community with a strong sense of integrity.
  • everyone feels welcome and can access the full range of learning opportunities, regardless of faith, gender, race or disability.
  • a happy, thriving school community puts children first, recognises the contributions of all and values every individual.
  • children, staff, parents and governors work together as a team within a welcoming, hard-working and inclusive atmosphere.
  • our children learn from an integrated, interactive curriculum, which is taught in a fun and exciting way, by enthusiastic teachers.
  • modern cutting-edge technology characterizes the learning process, giving our children the skills needed for life in the future.
  • honesty, respect and discipline are promoted and valued and where we treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves, showing kindness and warmth to all.
  • children love learning, strive to be happy, confident individuals with a sense of wonderment and who see learning as a life-long experience, as they realise their dreams and aspirations.

The Vision

In the next three to five years we are working towards:

  • children, who are more aware of how they learn. children, who take advantage of a ratio of a computer between 3 children in the school, with every member of staff having an up-to-date laptop, whilst also incorporating new technology as it evolves. 
  • a modern building with the facilities to serve the local community, which is completely inclusive and accessible by all.
  • a more welcoming entrance to the school.
  • the Jubilee Garden as a beautiful and interactive learning resource. 
  • a foundation stage learning area that further enriches and enhances the outdoor curriculum.
  • all classes of single age and with no more than 25 in a class.
  • better contacts with the two local schools, through school council meetings, music concerts and sporting events, whilst also deepening links with MADCOS and local high schools by regular meetings.
  • a curriculum that broadens the economic awareness of our children, so that children understand where money comes from, its value and the consequences of spending/saving.
  • 75% of our children doing at least 1 hour of extra-curricular sport per week, 50% of our KS2          children taking part in inter-school competitions and all children taking part in regular competitive sporting events within the class.
  • a full time teaching assistant attached to every class.
  • staff who are informed and supported to develop their on-going training needs and further their CPD to enhance their future career prospects.
  • 95% of children who feeling safe and understanding how they are kept safe.
  • 90% of children eating healthily in school, especially at lunchtimes.
  • met people from another culture through our links with a school in Rochdale.