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Lydiate Primary School


Primary School

Pupils' Testimonials

Below you will find what some of our children think of our school. 

Oliver Moore Year 5 (Sycamore Class)

I am a year 5 pupil at the best primary school in the world. The reason my primary school is the best is because the teachers are very helpful, caring and nice and always help you if your struggling.  Mrs Marsden made me laugh last year and she made learning fun; I think she is great.  I love History lessons and especially learning about the Ancient Egyptians.  Mrs Londesbrough makes ICT great, because of all her helpful tips.

I also learn two foreign languages (French and Spanish) and I think that I am really good at them, but my favourite subject has to be sports.  I do lots of sports like basketball, swimming, dodgeball, rugby, hockey (in the mornings with Mr Batchelor), netball, football, running (with Mr Zaim after school) and dancing to mention just a few of the sports I do.  I really look forward to our school’s sports day too, as it’s so much fun.

My school also cares about me and my friends and how well we do.  The school reward me and my friends for things like our good work, good manners, good attitude and putting others before ourselves with things like the merit badge awards, sports awards and the roll of honour, team points and golden time.  Before I leave Lydiate Primary School next year, my own goal is to achieve our school’s best award.  The award is called the Daniel Beamish Award and it’s in memory of a past pupil, who sadly died and its one of the lovely kind things that my school do to keep Daniel’s memory alive.  I hope I achieve my goal!

I have been a playtime pal, I have been an eco-councillor, I play on the school’s football team, in fact I try and get involved in everything my school offers, which is lots of things.

I always try to do my best and to take chances and risks and push myself, because my school teachers are always telling me ‘you miss a 100% of the shots you never take’ which is one of our school moto’s.

There is so much I could write about my school, but there isn’t enough paper in the world and it makes me sad to think that I will be leaving Lydiate Primary School, my teachers and my friends next year for high school, but I am determined to work harder than normal and do my best and enjoy every minute I have left.

Kayla Mercer Year 3 (Elm Class)

I love the Year 3-4 choir best of all - it is perfect, because you can learn all the songs. I like my teachers (Miss Surtees and Ms Burton), because they are the best. I like all my friends, because I play with them and we play good games. My favourite lesson is Maths and I especially love addition. I also like reading great books.

Holly Isaac Year 3 (Cherry Class)

Our school is brilliant, because we learn new things. The teachers are helpful, kinmd and rerspectful, but the best thing is that we all make new friends. We all try our hardest and do neat writing... then we get rewards like Merit Badges and team points. We raise lots of money for charity and we have lots of clubs like FOOTBALL, CHOIR AND READING.

Holly Graham Year 3 (Elm Class)

Welcome To My School

I love my school and all the teachers in my school. My school is called Lydiate Primary School and my class is Elm.

My favourite subject is Science and I love learning all about magnets and seeing their strength. I enjoy all the clubs, especially Good News Club, because I get to spend time playing with everyone and I enjoy listening to Bible stories.

I like Music and I am learning to play the guitar. I also enjoy singing in the choir and I am excited about the performance in the big theatre (the Atkinson in Southport) at Christmas.

I love my friends and we have lots of fun. I also love doing my homework and reading at home. Every Friday I love doing  hockey, but the best part of PE is the fun way that we warm up.

In the Summer we have a great Summer Fair, which raises lots of money for our school to buy new things. My favourite part is when I get to throw a wet sponge at Mr Batchelor, who is locked in the stocks. We also have a Christmas Fair with Santa's Grotto.

I love my time at Lydiate Primary School. It is the best school in the world.

Lois Wilson Year 5 (Sycamore)

I am in Year 5 and I love it here. Every week we have a Merit Badge - your teacher announces it on Thursday, then on Monday you get a badge and sticker in front of your parents. We also get dojos, which is where you get your own little monster if you are good. We normally get Maths and English homework and we have to read every night. We also get Golden Time, which everyone loves, because we get to choose an activity on a Tuesday or Friday for 30 minutes. We have a Concert Choir who enter competitions and usually win - sometimes they even sing on birthdays.

Ines Turner Year 2 (Maple)

I likie my school, because I like my History lessons. We are learning about The Great Fire Of London. It all started in a baker's shop on Puddking Lane at 1am on 2nd September 1666. Thomas Fariner fell asleep and forgot to put some water over his fire and then flames were coming up and it got out of control. His daughter woke up and tried to wake him up, but it didn't work. There was a man called King Charkles 2nd and he said to blow up houses to put the fire out. Samuel Pepys wrote a diary in a special language all about the fire. On Thursday September 5th 1666 the fi8re was finally put out.

Daniel Toborne Year 3 (Cherry Class)

I love Lydiate Primary School

Lydiate Primary School is the best school in the world and I am in the best class in the school...Cherry. Cherry Class is brilliant, because Miss Moss teaches us new songs and Mr Batchelor works very hard and that is why he is an amazing headteacher. Being in Maple last year with Mrs Jones was great, because she gave me Maths  challenges. Solving problems is fun, so that is why Maths is my favourite subject. Another favourite lesson is RE, especially when Mr Batchelor tells us Bible stories.

There are lots of clubs in this school. Scoring goals is the best thing in Football Club. I am so excited about going to the Atkinson Theatre  and performing on the stage in front of a huge audience.

At playtimes i like to swap Match Attax cards with my friends. My friends (Katie, Daniel and Maisy) like playing catch Daniel and Kirby. There is even hockey in the mornings.

That is why Lydiate Primary School is the best.

Aimee Tobin Year 2 (Maple Class)

 My School

At my school I like to do Art lessons and I loved making poppies - the colours were black for the middle and the red was outstide. The green was for the leaf. It was very fun, because we designed and created them. The teachers who helped were Ms Burton, Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Jones.

Lydiate Primary School is the best.