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Lydiate Primary School


Primary School

Parent Testimonials

Here are some of the experiences that patrents have kindly shared with us, so visitors can get a flavour of the school and its atmosphere.

My daughter (former Lydiate Primary School pupil) enjoyed her time and experiences of primary school.  She is an excellent example of a well behaved and well-mannered child who is excited and has a thirst for learning.  She has a passion that has come from inspiring teaching. 


Our daughter is extremely positive towards her studies as an independent learner and always get stuck into a good working ethos.  Lydiate Primary School staff prepare students well for further and higher education.


Our daughter has grown physically and blossomed into a well-rounded, happy young person and this hasn’t happened by chance; it is the result of the team of hardworking and dedicated teaching staff who have given all the pupils every opportunity to make the most of their individual talents at school, combined with encouragement.  We gave you an infant, and you have returned to us a well-educated and well-rounded young lady.

We continue to look forward to being part of Lydiate Primary School; our middle boy leaves next year and we remain a part of the school a further five years until our youngest child will leave this wonderful school, fully prepared for secondary education and whatever the future holds for him.  At Lydiate Primary School, our boys, along with countless others, will have received the best possible start to their education, for which we thank Mr Batchelor and the wonderful staff of Lydiate Primary School. 

From the first moment you step inside Lydiate Primary School, you are overwhelmed with a strong sense of community and family. The children delight in going to school and are confident and happy in their school environment. Expectations of behaviour and learning are high but reinforced gently and with a genuine warmth and empathy for the young pupils and their emotional and social wellbeing.  It is in the development of relationships between staff, pupils and their families that Lydiate Primary School really comes into its' own.  The level of kindness and care permeated through every crevice of the schools ethos and approach is what turns the Lydiate Primary School experience from one of education, into a journey of living and learning.  The children who leave in Year 6 have benefited from not only a fabulous education in the traditional academic sense, but also the development of mind and attitude based around a moral framework that allows them to begin the next stage of their learning and life with the strongest of foundations.  From personal experience, we could not wish for anything more for our children and are confident that academically, socially and emotionally, they are being cared for and nurtured in that Lydiate Primary School way, that will allow them to do everything they ever wish to.  Buying totally into the Lydiate Primary School ethos and motto of “If YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT”. 

The facilities Lydiate Primary School offers for working parents, i.e. breakfast club and afternoon clubs are fabulous and the staff are a credit to the school; always warm and welcoming.  Lydiate Primary School achieves the balance which most of us parents aspires to; providing a warm family atmosphere, whilst maintaining discipline, respect and assisting our children to reach their full potential.  My children have been consistently happy. The teachers have been and continue to be amazing.

I know that the excellent grounding my daughter had and my boys receive at Lydiate Primary School has and will enable each one of them to achieve their full potential, both from an academic and social point of view.  This will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

My heartfelt gratitude to all who have taught and nurtured my daughter and continue to teach and nurture my boys and help them to mature into confident and responsible young people, ready to take on the challenges of secondary school and life in general.  What a fantastic start in life you've given them, not just academically but also in helping to make them the lovely people they have become and are developing into in front of our eyes.

 Thank you Lydiate Primary School

Mrs Moore (Parent to a former and present pupils)


Mr and Mrs Toborne, Josh and Matthew (both former pupils)

The teachers work very hard and all the after school clubs are fun. It is a very friendly school and we love the range of clubs available. Our son, Daniel (in Year 3) skips to school every day, because it is so friendly and the teachers really care about the children.