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Year 5/6 - Sycamore, Birch and Oak

Summer Term 2019


Welcome back to all of our children in Sycamore, Birch and Oak. We hope you all had a brilliant time over the Easter period and are ready to start a very important term. In the summer term, we will be getting ourselves ready for the challenges of High School and Year 6. Not to mention our SATs in Year 6! We have a very exciting term upcoming with a variety of treats for our hardworking Year 5 and 6 children - if they continue to excel!



In English, we will be finishing off our corridor novel (Alex Rider Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz) and moving onto many shorter texts to aid our writing. We have loved reading this story and cannot wait to read how it is going to end for Alex. Many of our children have went away and bought their own copies of other stories from this series. What a brilliant attitude to reading! We are always looking to better our writing through exciting vocabulary and grammatical choices. Our corridor always holds writing very highly and our children want to continue to improve in this area of English.



Children are continuing to enter school and settle down to some basic arithmetic/fluency mathematics questions. We are coming to the end of the Year 5 and 6 curriculum for Maths and we will be revising certain aspects to ensure are children are secure throughout each strand. Our Year 5 and 6 pupils have worked very hard and have brilliant mathematical understandings. This has come as a result of fantastic problem-solving and reasoning work.



Throughout this term we will be exploring the unit Animals Including Humans. We are going to be learning about the human life cycle and comparing this to other animals, the human circulatory system and the impact of a balanced diet and drugs (such as caffeine) on the human body. Our children are very excited to discover many facts within this unit and plan, conduct and record their own investigations. We have our school science week upcoming in July - we cannot wait!



We are exploring the Victorian era of History throughout this term. We have started by discovering facts about Queen Victoria, such as where she was born and who her husband and children were. We are excited to learn more about this important time of History.



In Music, we will be working our way through our Charanga units. We have heard some beautiful voices and cannot wait to see the children compose their own pieces of music using the instruments. Children are applying their musical skills to some M.C. Grammar raps in their English lessons.



Art / D.T.

We will be linking our Art/DT, this term, to our History topic of the Victorians. We will be exploring artists from that period of time and use their work to inspire our own. We cannot wait to share the wonderful artwork on our displays around school.



Now that swimming is over and the weather is getting nicer, we hope to have our PE lessons on the field, learning some fielding and catching skills in games such as cricket and rounders. We are also gearing up for our Sports Day - please do not rain!



We are very busy exploring the concepts of Scratch and Microsoft Excel. There are many challenging components in both pieces of software. But the children are enjoying creating the own algorithms and spreadsheets.



We love exploring the units on 1Decision. They are giving the children a good insight into the world and offering advice on how to conduct themselves as good and honest citizens, whilst keeping themselves safe at all times. Our social media unit was particularly effective. We are excited to continue learning about citizenship.


Children are welcome on to the playground from 8.40am. The schools takes no responsibility for children arriving before this time. Classes end each day at 3.30p.m. In the Upper School, parents who wish to have their children escorted home should make their own arrangements to have them met at the school gate and the person to escort them should be at the school no later than 3.30pm as the school cannot accept responsibility for looking after the children after that time, unless written permission is given for a club. Also, if you wish for your child to walk themselves home, written permission must be sent to the class teacher before the child can be dismissed.


Thank you for your continued support,


Mr Zaim, Mr Hannaford, Mrs Faragher, Miss Burton, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Jones and Mrs Hollinshead. 


Mrs Faragher turned us into Newspaper Detectives1

Mrs Faragher turned us into Newspaper Detectives1 1
Mrs Faragher turned us into Newspaper Detectives1 2
Mrs Faragher turned us into Newspaper Detectives1 3
Mrs Faragher turned us into Newspaper Detectives1 4
Mrs Faragher turned us into Newspaper Detectives1 5
Mrs Faragher turned us into Newspaper Detectives1 6
Mrs Faragher turned us into Newspaper Detectives1 7
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