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Lydiate Primary School


Primary School


Welcome to the Governors' Page.

The Governors play an important role in the school community. Here you will be able to find out about the agenda for the next meeting, the minutes of meetings and other important Governing information.

Community Governors

Mr John Graham (Chair of Governing Body)
Mr Steven Moore
Mrs Claire Moore

Mr George Nuttall

Parent Representatives

Mr Mark Byrne
Mrs Tracey Dagnall (Vice-Chair of Governing Body)
Mr Gareth Evans
Mr Howard Keating

Staff Governors

Mrs G Forshaw (Headteacher)


Local Authority Governors

Mrs Cathy Spence-Robb


Clerk to the Governors

Miss Kate Usher

NB: All governors can be contacted via the school office.

Below is the Instrument of Governance, which establishes the operating nature of the Full Governing Body. For the members of each Governing Body sub-committee, please open the attachement below entitled 'Committee Structures'.




1.         The name of the school is Lydiate Primary School

2.         The school is a Community school.

3.         The name of the governing body is "The governing body of Lydiate Primary School.

4.         The governing body shall consist of:

            (a)        5 parent governors

            (b)        1 authority governor

            (c)         1 staff governors

           (d)          1 headteacher

           (e)          6 co-opted governors

5.         Total number of governors 14

6.         This instrument of government comes into effect on 1st September 2015

7.         This Instrument of Government was made by the order of Sefton Local Authority on 1st September 2016

8.         A copy of this instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and headteacher if not a governor).

Governor's Roles In Other Educational Institutions

Mr Graham - Chair of Governors at Deyes High School

Mr Moore - Parent Governor at Deyes High School

Any Relationships Between Governors And Staff


Business And Pecuniary Interests Of Governors

Attendance Record For 2015-6

The following information refers to a possible attendance of 6 meetings through the year:

Mr Batchelor 100%

Mrs Marsden  83%

Miss Usher (Clerk)  83%

Mr Graham  66%

Mrs Spence-Robb  83%

Mr Arora  67%

Mr Keating  67%

Mr Evans 50%

Mrs Dagnall  67%

Mr Byrne  50%

Mr Nuttall 83%

Mr Moore 83%

Mrs Moore  67%

Governor Terms Of Office

Name                  Appointed By      Start  Date          End Of Term       Type                 

Mrs Cathy Spence-Robb Local Authority 01-Sep-14 31-Aug-18   LOCAL AUTHORITY
Mr Gareth Evans Parents 01-Mar-12 29-Feb-19 PARENT
Mrs Suzanne Gordon Parents 01-Oct-16 30-Sep-20 PARENT
Mr Chaz Arora Parents 01/10/12 30-Sep-16 PARENT
Mr Mark Byrne Parents 01-Mar-14 28-Feb-18 PARENT
Mrs Claire Moore   Community 11/11/15 10-Nov-19 CO-OPTED
Mr David Batchelor (Head) 01-Sep-07   HEADTEACHER
Mrs Gillian Marsden (AHT) 01-Oct-14 30-Sep-18 STAFF
Mrs Tracey Dagnall Parents 20-Nov-11 19-Nov-18 PARENT
Mr Steve Moore Community 01-Dec-13 30-Nov-17 CO-OPTED
Mr John Graham Community 01-Sep-14 31-Aug-18 CO-OPTED
Mr George Nuttall Community 02-Oct-14 01-Oct-18 CO-OPTED