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Here at Lydiate Primary, we are currently in the midst of a large-scale curriculum review.


The philosophy behind our curriculum is the same as our school motto: we want to inspire our pupils, enable them to achieve and ultimately, prepare them for life.


In order to do this, we recognise that knowledge, while important, is only one part of the process of learning. While we ensure that our pupils know and remember the relevant programmes of study of the National Curriculum, we also plan opportunities for pupils to build up their skills within each subject in a progressive and age-appropriate way.


Of course, learning cannot take place if the pupils are not inspired and their interest is not fully captured, so we plan hooks for each topic to draw our pupils in. We have also thought carefully about the topics our pupils might enjoy most, so, where there are opportunities to make choices about curriculum content, we have made sure these choices are interesting and relevant - such as our brand new topic in Years 1&2 on The Beatles!


You will have seen for yourselves how excited our pupils become at the prospect of a trip or visitor, so we use these opportunities to embed learning and enhance their understanding through real-life, visual experiences. 


Neither can effective learning take place in isolation. The best learners are able to apply their learning across a range of contexts. We therefore provide pathways and links between subjects wherever possible; for example, measuring the length of our shadows over time - which addresses objectives in both Science and Mathematics.


The best quality learning takes place when lessons are pitched at the correct level, taking into account what our pupils already know and bridging the gap between their current understanding and their end-of-year goals. We therefore make these relevant checks before beginning each new area of learning, and constantly monitor where our pupils are in their learning journeys.


We aim to leave no child behind! Whatever your child's ability, we plan to address their needs! We create opportunities to challenge our Gifted and Talented pupils to work at a greater depth, while also supporting our pupils with particular needs.


We have also worked hard on ensuring that lessons are structured in a way that encourages pupils to learn best. We use an interactive approach, aiming to develop our pupils as resilient and independent learners who are self-aware and know which strategies work best for them.You may have heard of the idea of metacognition. In order to achieve this, we use a variety of teaching approaches including modelling, guided enquiry, dialogue and discussion.


Our History and Geography overviews are complete, so these are available for you to view for yourselves. We will share other curriculum areas with you once these, too, are complete.


If you have any further questions about our curriculum, please feel free to ask!


Mrs Laycock

April 2019.

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